Minyak Atsiri Gaharu 2016

Agarwood Essential Oil 2016

Pure Agarwood Oil 2016

Agarwood Essential Oil (minyak gaharu murni) is available before Ramadhan about 4-5 litres per month (Especially for 1-3 Stars Quality of Kalimantan). Stock updated on 1st November 2016.

The Star means quality level of each oil product based on our knowledge, experience, and material quality of every agarwood essential oil what we have. We understand that every person can have different perception and interest to the smell character and its quality. But we always try to do our best to value based on its quality.

We understand that telling the truth is heart of your trust, and responsibility is the answer of every mistakenness. Happy shopping with us! Thanks you so much! (Baca juga: 7 Manfaat Minyak Gaharu).

Standar Kualitas Minyak Gaharu